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Is your enterprise optimized for the cloud-first era of business? AppLite offers simple, end-to-end, and scalable virtualization solutions tailored to help enterprises meet their evolving business priorities. Powered by CloudHost’s assist managed services, AppLite offers organizations a scalable, secure, and state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver exquisite end-user experiences to their employees and customers wherever they are in the world.
By providing the infrastructure, security, and network resources to virtualize applications and environments, AppLite provides a 360-degree scalable solution to extend the delivery of software solutions and applications through the cloud.

Experience the AppLite Difference

We Offer Cloud Transformation Strategies & Superior Services

Low-Code No-Code Solution

Plug-and-play virtualization to kickstart your modernization journey with ease

360-Degree Cloud Compatibility

Take your on-premise legacy application to the cloud platform of your choice

Airtight Security

Comprehensive end-to-end security to protect your data and operations from evolving cyber threats

Extensive Monitoring and Reporting

Built-in monitoring and reporting for application and infrastructure optimization

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Combine your application with CloudHost’s dynamic, cost-effective, and feature-rich managed cloud services

We Offer Cloud Transformation Strategies & Superior Services

With its feature-rich application and environment virtualization solutions, AppLite enables organizations of varying sizes to overcome the three main roadblocks to modernization:

Unleash the Next-Generation of Work with AppLite

Here's what differentiates AppLite from other virtualization solutions

With its feature-rich application and environment virtualization solutions, AppLite enables you to make in-house and customized applications available for your global workforce. AppLite empowers you to build the digital workspace of the future designed to support the evolving remote and hybrid work demands.

Desktop as a Service
No VPN Connect
Zero Client Software
Flexible Pricing
Truly BYOD enabled virtualization
Desktop as a Service
Scale Your SaaS Business through the Cost-Efficiency and Scalability of the Cloud

Combined with managed cloud services, AppLite enables independent service vendors to cost-effectively gain the IT infrastructure required to scale their operations. Driven by automated provision resourcing, network and application customization, and high-performing infrastructure, AppLite provides you the platform to accelerate innovation, reduce time to market, and expand your SaaS offering with limited IT resources.

SaaS Cloudification
Fully-Managed Cloud
CapEx to OpEx Conversion
Reduced Time to Market
Performance Optimization
Single-Window SaaS Customer Management
Modernize Your Legacy Applications for the Cloud

Seamlessly take your mission-critical legacy applications to the cloud and leverage the power of scalability, availability, and other advanced technologies to enhance your business operational efficiencies and cost-effectiveness. Leverage AppLite’s remote working capabilities and reliable SaaS delivery network to enhance the performance and accessibility of your legacy application and cost-effectively expand your bottom line.

AppLite Secure

The protected and scalable application delivery network specializes in making all Windows applications through the browser on any device. AppLite’s secure flexible infrastructure and customized configuration enable enterprises to extend workspaces across different cloud deployments i.e. public, private, multi, and hybrid-cloud environments.

AppLite AppLite Secure
Zero client software
BYOD Ready: Remote work
Monitoring and Reporting
Encrypted traffic
Ransomware Security
No VPN concept

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