Your digital workspace for securely distributing Business-Critical apps from the browser to any device. For all Windows and internal web applications, AppLite offers a seamless, protected workspace, allowing your remote and hybrid staff to be efficient from anywhere.

Empower your staff the app and desktop expertise on any device, over any network

If you're trying to make your workforce more flexible or you're enforcing a mandatory home-based policy to protect your people, AppLite makes remote work more productive for all. AppLite gives your people streamlined access to all the business-critical applications they need to be productive –all while protecting your people and business continuity.

AppLite, which is an application delivery network, provides the same smooth integration by delivering apps to the user in this complex age of cloud and mobility.

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AppLite - Breaks the Digital Transformation Barrier

Empowering remote work. No VPN.

Securely distribute Windows and internal web applications to remote staff without the need for VPNs. It's the ultimate in versatility Run AppLite as a fully hosted service or install AppLite in your cloud, hybrid or on-site environment for maximum versatility.

Delivering value for MSPs

Manage all customers from a single glass window, offer seamless app updates to reduce on-site visits, and provide streamlined billing with a single SKU.

Windows apps from the browser

Securely deploy legacy desktop applications to any device from your HTML5 browser. Your app will run as a cloud instance or on your own server for superior end-user experience.

Web allows zero production

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) use AppLite to deliver their software as a service–without any redesign costs –and offer immediate free trials from their websites.

One platform for all corporate applications. Anytime. Anywhere.

Cloud Native

A built-for-the-cloud service that runs in any Cloud environment – Private cloud or Public Cloud.

BYOD Ready: Remote Working

Simply providing flexibility to employees to work from anywhere any device.

Cloudify Apps

Re-factor apps, create migration blueprints & deploy your workloads on cloud.

Global Scalability

Elasticity and usage management enables dozens of users per instance for cost-effective scalability.


Built-in security features include HTTPS, single sign-on, separation of apps from the OS, and more.

Enterprise Ready

AppLite is approved by multiple ISV’s and supports hundreds of organizations worldwide.

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