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Our Cloud Products, Solutions & Services are designed keeping in mind the ever growing & changing needs of your business

Enable you to integrate, manage & secure applications on Cloud Resources. Software Defined Data-centers.
Familiarize company’s with available cloud services, helping them to make decisions that benefit operations. Designs, implements, migrates, or maintains cloud applications, processes, or computing systems for an org.
There is a constant need to ensure that the growing data is stored in a safe secondary location, to ensure availability even in case there is some issue with the primary source of data.
Organizations need to back up its data and IT infrastructure in a secondary cloud computing environment and provide all the DR orchestration, all through a technology solution, to regain access and functionality to IT infrastructure after a disaster.

The Fusion Platform

A Fast & Secure platform to manage your Private & Public Cloud applications.

Cloud Solutions that help our customers GROW

With CloudHost, you can be assured your IT Infrastructure is managed in a secure environment. Our clients can optimize their operations with us and begin their journey on the cloud, by taking their legacy applications to the cloud using our virtualization technology capabilities.

We are “Born in the Cloud” – Regional Private Cloud Provider, Providing Secured Private Cloud, Secured Hybrid Cloud & Specific Industry Compliant Cloud.

Our Data Centers are located in UAE, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain.

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We provide Secured Regional
Private Cloud

We take you from Legacy
to Cloud Ready

We can Enable any Cloud
Environment Instantly

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We can help you create a new or enhance your existing Cloud Related Business Revenue while optimizing the cost structures to create a more profitable business that would be mutually beneficial.

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Our Cloud MarketPlace provides you with a single window to build & manage all your cloud products and solutions.

Challenges for IT Teams to be CloudReady

Shift from Public Cloud to Private Cloud

Public cloud users are finding out that for all their convenience and so-called affordability, they are not suitable for their workloads. Serious work requires serious infrastructure. Private clouds are the perfect solution for experienced cloud professionals.

Data Security Regulations by Government

Sustainable business requires, protecting customers’ privacy and it comes with securing their data. In the Middle East, the privacy landscape has been flourishing in the last ten years with privacy laws and regulations emerging across the region, especially with the implementation of GDPR in Europe.

Multi-location Environment Challenges

If you own a business that has offices or locations in different cities, you need technology that will unite your dispersed staff and foster team cohesion. Cloud technology has enabled businesses and teams to stream line operations in multi-locations.

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