Disaster Recovery Services. Complete recovery from critical failure. In less than 10 minutes

What is DataLife?

Disk corruption, power failure, malware attack: in the event of an IT incident, how quickly can you access your back-ups, and restore your operating environment to full capacity? With VDR we can restore your IT infrastructure within 10 minutes.

We all know the importance of maintaining an up-to-date backup of important data, because no matter how reliable your IT infrastructure is, it’s never immune to failure.

Hardware failure isn’t the only reason you need disaster recovery. In one recent ransomware attack in the US, a hospital found it was cheaper and faster to pay the ransom than try to restore untainted data from its backups – would your organisation fare any better?

DataLife protects you against every eventuality, with carefully constructed contingency planning and multiple layers of failsafes.

Ultimate security, but highly cost effective

Our specialists will help you to devise a customised DataLife plan which involves not just backing up data, but maintaining virtual machine profiles from an operational environment which can be deployed to replace a production server in a matter of minutes.

DataLife doesn’t just back-up your data: it’s an entire redundant infrastructure for your business, with virtual machines that are “pre-restored” from backups for near-instant access when the need arises. But because it’s based in the cloud, it remains highly cost effective: we’ll only charge for these machines when you need to use them.

user based
Your business can keep on working while the original production environment is restored.

DataLife is easily managed through the CloudHost dashboard and can ensure compliance with regulatory issues as well as employee productivity in the event of a potential disaster.

We’ll work with you to develop a fully documented disaster recovery plan, which will be regularly tested in conjunction with your IT team.

When disaster strikes, everyone will be fully prepared to react as quickly and confidently as possible. With our DataLife plans your business could never suffer more than 10 minutes of downtime.

How DataLife Works

Works alongside CloudVault suite
Hosted in the cloud, reduces cost of redundancy
Duplicated across Multiple datacenters as per plans
Pre-restored virtual machine snapshots, always ready to deploy in minutes
Pay-as-you go model
Unique LAN Discovery tool to analyse critical applications
Virtual Disaster Recovery
Regular drills and employee training