Cloud Security like No Other

What is CloudAssure

Many cloud providers treat security as an afterthought or add-on. They claim to be secure but offer it in bits and pieces. They force you to research and implement the security capabilities you require. And when something breaks? The burden is on you to fix it. Not with CloudAssure.

Security is integral to our cloud’s architecture.

CloudAssure infrastructure is being built from the ground up with a no-compromise attitude. Look no further for an extremely secure and highly scalable cloud hosting platform that’s backed by expert engineers. Multiple layers of hacker protection insulate your company’s valuable data and reputation from harmful malice and cybercrime. Security features like web application protection and virtual private networks with SSL allow intended traffic in and keep unwanted traffic out of your CloudAssure Cloud Server. We provide managed hosting services that go beyond your expectations to serve as an extension of your organization. Whether you are hosting a single project or your entire business, you can leverage our engineers 24x7x365.