Consultation, Migration & On-boarding Services

Discover the benefits of migrating to Cloud with CloudHost

Are you running your applications in on-premise servers and willing to move to the Cloud? We help you access your current setup, propose a cloud roadmap and eliminate IT blind spots.

We help you with TCO calculations comparing your on-premise setup with the proposed cloud setup.

A Cloud designed and engineered to fit your business.

We understand that you may have talented engineers on board to implement the cloud setup. But you may however need expert advice in building highly available, multi-tenant, auto-scaling, DR ready architecture in the cloud.

CloudHost’s solution architects can help you with expert architecture design consulting.

ServiceShift makes Migration easy

Fresh implementation
We help organizations carry out fresh implementations on cloud. Be it your enterprise app, web app, e-commerce app or SaaS product, we can help you deploy them the right way in the very first go.
Migration & Testing
The migration of applications to the cloud may become a tricky thing. Seamless integration and performance are far more important than mere cloud platform compatibility. In our experience, we have learned a thing or two in migrating varied applications of our customers with near ZERO downtime.
Automation & Optimization
Harness the power of automation in the cloud with CloudHost’s expertise in building self-healing automated stacks in the cloud. Already on cloud? Speak to us to optimize your cloud usage costs or application performance in the cloud. Extract more from our cloud setup.
Security & Cost Audits
If you follow CI/CD processes, continuous deployments, regular code enhancements or any major production implementations, the chances of new security vulnerabilities may arise. Our audit services help you identify these threats both at the application and infrastructure level thus elimination the probability of a security threat.