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Healthcare in the United Arab Emirates has undergone significant transformation in recent times. With exponential technological innovation in the region, UAE is leading the charge in the global digital health revolution by leveraging technology to optimize the various aspects of healthcare delivery. UAE continues to set new precedents in digital healthcare and is nearing a new milestone of digitizing and centralizing the medical records of all patients. As the region gears up for the next wave of transformation, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare service providers are under increased pressure to digitize their operations. Additionally, with the healthcare industry in the region moving to digital-first channels, demand for digital healthcare applications is set to see a meteoric rise.

Is your IT infrastructure equipped to handle the fast-changing demands of the healthcare industry?
Roadblocks in Healthcare Digital Transformation
Rigid and non-scalable IT infrastructure

Increasing IT maintenance and upgradation costs

Ineffective data governance, security, and compliance management

Siloed and disparate IT systems

Lack of dedicated IT departments at healthcare service providers

CloudHost’s Healthcare Cloud: Simplifying Digital Transformation in Healthcare

CloudHost’s Healthcare Cloud is designed to help healthcare service providers meet the demand for
rapid digital transformation in the region. Powered by airtight security, state-of-the-art infrastructure,
and an extensive partner ecosystem, CloudHost’s healthcare cloud brings you all the tools you need for
transforming your healthcare value chain under one roof.

Why Choose Us?

Dynamically Scalable Infrastructure

Irrespective of whether you are a healthcare organization looking to migrate its on-premise solutions to the cloud or an independent software vendor wanting to scale your software distribution, CloudHost’s dynamically scalable infrastructure enables you to meet your objectives seamlessly and cost effectively.

Complete Compliance with Regional Regulations

As a cloud-native company headquartered in Dubai, CloudHost’s healthcare cloud is fully compliant with the various local, regional, and national data management, security, governance, and privacy regulations across the different Emirates.

End-to-end Cloud Auditing

Auditable cloud infrastructure to give you complete visibility into the performance, security, and efficiencies of your IT systems

Managed Services

Complementing CloudHost’s Healthcare Cloud are our managed services that give you the liberty to solely focus on delivering quality care while we ensure your infrastructure is optimized to help you meet your objectives

Business Continuity Solutions

Backed by disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, the healthcare cloud ensures high availability and reliability of your systems

Flexible and Cost-effective Pricing

CloudHost’s intuitive pay-as-you-go model ensures all our customers get the required resources at better rates than other public cloud providers

Expert Consulting and Architectural Solutions

In addition to cutting-edge infrastructure, CloudHost offers expert consultation and architectural solutions to help you build customized IT ecosystems optimized for performance, security, and costs

For Healthcare Organizations

Does your healthcare organization have a dedicated team to manage your IT infrastructure? Are your on-premise IT systems eating up valuable investments and space?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. CloudHost’s Healthcare Cloud services combined with its expert teams and years of experience help you:

Digitalize legacy and in-house applications
Improve patient experiences
Optimize cloud performance and cost
Drive tech-driven innovation in healthcare
Build and execute the best-suited cloud migration roadmaps
Centralize, standardize, and streamline data collection and analysis
For Independent Software Vendors

Got a digital healthcare application that stands out? But are high IT infrastructure costs restricting you to scale your operations to meet the growing demand?

CloudHost’s Healthcare Cloud empowers you to cost-effectively build and scale your application by leveraging the ubiquity, flexibility, and elasticity of the cloud. Leverage the healthcare cloud to:

Transform your software product to a service
Dynamically scale resources up and down to meet your business needs
Improve business continuity, availability, and performance efficiencies
Accelerate innovation by leveraging intelligent tools from our partner ecosystem
Convert CapEx to OpEx
Reduce time to market

Looking to thrive and not just cope in the rapidly transforming healthcare sector in UAE? Write to us at info@cloudhostintl.com to discuss your healthcare cloud requirements.

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