Fusion Platform

A Fast & Secure Platform to Manage your Private & Public Cloud Applications.

The Fusion Platform is built on

Software Defined Network

Hybrid cloud

Managed Orchestration

Integrated security

These IT components wrap up into one fast and secure platform for next-gen application delivery and digital transformation.

Reduce Cloud Cost by 30%

Provision 125x Faster

Identify and Fix Security Gaps

Deploy and Manage Hybrid-cloud Infrastructure in Record Time.


Features of the Fusion Platform


Consolidate multiple Cloud and Centralise Management


Faster Provisioning, Simplified Single Management, Single Support Window


Manage Compliance, Establish Access Controls, Set Security Levels and build a robust Security Architecture

Modernize Application

Running Devops to Digital Transform Legacy Applications to Cloud with Single Platform


Manage Cloud cost with consolidation and predictive analysis for future Consumptions. Also optimising consumption of resources to ensure optmimum usage hence saving cost.


Automate tasks, workflows, devops, scripts to optimise consumption and reduce human intervention


gets a rapid path to private cloud and a consolidated platform for public cloud management.


gets role-based access, policy management, and compliance hooks to reduce risk exposure.


gets self-service to move fast with a full API/CLI or application-centric infrastructure-as-code.


gets visibility tools to track cloud use plus assign and optimize cost in one place across all clouds.

Benefits / Advantages for Customer

  • Unified view of cloud resources
  • Gain full visibility of public and private cloud resources
  • Leverage reusable blueprints to orchestrate infrastructure and services across all your clouds
  • Manage cloud resources with a powerful orchestration engine that automates actions across multiple cloud servers and cloud services
  • Control cloud use with out-of-the-box and custom policies to automate governance of costs, operations, security and compliance
  • Control access across clouds, data centers and tenants
  • Enable your business units to work together on reporting and optimizing your costs across all clouds and accounts

Capabilities of CloudHost

Professional Services

We help you from the initial assessment phase, designing and deploying the ideal landing zone, to the migration and modernization of your applications and data. Also with Cloud Office, you can count on the advice from our team of experts.

Managed Services

We manage and operate your cloud, freeing you of all those low-level tasks so that you can focus your efforts in the main activities of your business.

Our Cloud Partners

Amazon Web Services

Leading public cloud service in the development of new cloud services. The service includes technical support, and the possibility of contracting specialized support from Amazon.

Microsoft Azure

This public cloud has a wide offer of IaaS and PaaS services with the best price for Windows and SQL Server licensing. You can develop your Azure applications with .NET ecosystem. This service includes technical support.

Google Cloud Platform

Take advantage of the most innovative services of the Google public cloud and consume them in a simple way. This service includes technical support and you can order special Google support.


Oracle Cloud Applications are built on a common data model, and they’re designed to work together seamlessly. Standardize and simplify your business, with fewer systems and integrations.