Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Accurate predictions, actionable insights, and automated discovery
Can you transform volumes of high-growth disparate data into accurate and actionable predictive insights—all with automated discovery? Your competitive advantage depends on it.

Accuracy in Your Predictions

Develop highly accurate and constantly updated predictive models based on unlimited volumes of all your data—not just samples—and derive meaning for real-time intelligence.

Action for Insight

Access predictive insight in the moment and uncover trends, relationships, and patterns so that you can make decisions at the speed of your business.

Automation for Monitoring and Discovery

Apply automated monitoring, discovery, analytics, and remediation to predict, adapt, and unlock business opportunities, and reduce risks

The solutions that make it possible:


Customer Behavior Analytics

Enable data-driven organizations to manage and analyze massive volumes of disparate sources of customer data at Exabyte scale and extreme speed to gain an in-depth, actionable 360-degree view of customer interactions.

Cognitive Search and Knowledge Discovery

Accelerate better decisions with AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered analytics, which extracts insights from virtually any relevant unstructured data regardless of origin and format, to enable unified and context sensitive search and knowledge discovery across video, image, audio and text data

Operations Analytics

Use patented Big Data analytics for AI Operations, with automated monitoring, analytics, and remediation to reduce MTTR and operations costs.

Security Analytics

Ensure holistic protections across cyber and physical domains with advanced analytics enabling mature Security Operations (SecOps) and Intelligent GSOC (Global Security Operations Center).

IOT Analytics

Derive actionable insight from massive volumes of sensor data from your real-world IOT use cases—predictive maintenance, smart metering, intelligent manufacturing, and more—and reduce service costs, improve customer satisfaction, and create entirely new business models.