Anyone can backup your business data
We can backup your business
DataLife - CloudHost's Business Continuity Solutions

Your entire business infrastructure replicated for restoration on demand.

Disk corruption, power failure, malware attack: in the event of an IT incident, how quickly can you access your back-ups, and restore your operating environment to full capacity?
Don’t let IT problems turn into catastrophes. With DataLife - Disaster Recovery from CloudHost, you will have a cast-iron contingency plan that will keep your enterprise up and running no matter what. DRaaS is an insurance policy for your critical business data. Without a disaster recovery strategy in place, businesses have a 1 in 10 chance of surviving a disruptive event. DRaaS ensures essential business systems and data remain secure in the event of a natural, man-made or technological disaster.


Accessibility. Redundancy. Reliability.

We build client-focused disaster recovery systems that:
  • Protect data and network integrity
  • Maintain day-to-day operations
  • Safeguard cashflow
  • Meet industry compliances

Take DR to the Cloud

CloudHost’s comprehensive DRaaS solutions were carefully designed to help businesses power through disruptions, avoid downtime and get back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our tiered offerings mean you can access the level of disaster recovery services you need, with the option to include additional services as needed.

Cost Effective

Simple solutions for key programs or applications
  • Local backup with offsite copy
  • Offsite backup mount
  • 48+ hour recovery time


Faster recovery times in the event of disruption
  • Reserve DRaaS
  • Real-time Virtual Replication
  • Pay-as-you-go (and only for what you use)


For business owners never willing to risk downtime
  • Active DRaaS
  • Real-time Virtual Replication
  • Highest priority of DR resources when needed
  • 100% virtual resource guarantee in DR environment