Built on the OpenStack framework, CloudHost’s DashCloud offers virtualized secure frameworks to empower small and medium-sized businesses to embark on the cloud transformation journey.

Your Economical & Scalable Resource

The CloudHost DashCloud is designed to keep the needs and requirements of small and medium-sized businesses in mind. An optimal solution to enable businesses to get started on their digital transformation journey, the DashCloud offers cost-effective and secured virtualized servers with the required technology stack to help you build, monitor, and deploy your workloads to the cloud.

Built on the pay-as-you-go model and backed by automated resource provisioning, the cloud server gives you the agility to scale your infrastructure up, down, in, and out based on your dynamic business and budgetary requirements. Powered by connections from over 35 ISPs, the solution offers an ultra low-latency cloud with high throughput to ensure your high=performance applications continue to function seamlessly and within the set benchmarks.


Benefits of DashCloud

High and consistent performance

Powered by enterprise-grade CPUs and enhanced by our in-house developed MaxIOPS storage technology.

Easy and flexible scaling

Get started quick and easy with the resources you need, then scale up in just a couple of clicks as your business grows.

Resilient to fault

Multiple redundancies eliminate any single-point-of-failure with capacity to mitigate issues.

Security taken seriously

Highest level of security upheld by maintaining the latest security updates and strict access control at each of our physical locations.

Features of DashCloud

Create in seconds

Create and boot up new Cloud Servers in just 45 seconds.

Cloning success

Easily setup a new staging environment by cloning one of your Cloud Servers or backups.

Separations of compute and storage

your computational and storage services are separated on independent backends allowing instant restart on new hardware in the event of hardware failure.

Linux and Windows

Use one of the freely available Linux templates, create your own from a backup or upload and boot from your own custom ISO.


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