Built on the OpenStack framework, CloudHost’s DashCloud offers virtualized secure frameworks to empower small and medium-sized businesses to embark on the cloud transformation journey.

Empowering people through technology

CloudHost’s InstaCloud provides hosted infrastructure as a service to help you build virtualized data centers to meet your business’s evolving IT needs. Powered by the OpenSource cloud platform, the cutting-edge IaaS platform empowers businesses to maximize operational efficiency and accelerate innovation by ensuring high availability, reliability, enhanced security, and providing a user-friendly self-service portal for streamlining the provisioning, monitoring, and scaling of infrastructure.

With a variety of business-centric pricing plans, InstaCloud presents you with cutting-edge infrastructure at cost-effective rates to help you scale your business vision with high-performance virtual private data centers. Powered by features such as software-defined networking, automated resources provisioning, content delivery networks, and seamless integration with internal applications, InstaCloud offers an end-to-end solution for building value-oriented and goal-driven virtual data centers to meet your business objectives.


Scalable, Cost-Efficient & Multi-Purpose
Cloud infrastructure

Enhanced Security & Access Policies

Keep more sensitive data in private cloud or on-premise and easily connect it to the public cloud. Admins can centrally manage users with fine-grained permissions.

Fast and Easy Provisioning

Eliminate time-consuming and complex operations with automated provisioning, scaling, and monitoring.

A Solution Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you are looking to deploy a single Cloud Server or a full-fledged Private Data Center, we’ve got your back.

Regional Cloud

Your Regional MENA Cloud with Data Centers available in UAE, KSA & Bahrain.

Hosted Infrastructure to scale your business.
Powered by OpenSource

Full IAAS Automation

Build and maintain your virtual private data centre with all the functionality you may have in your physical Data Center but in a Cloud software defined environment.

Software-Defined Networking

Secure and isolate networking via VXLAN based on distributed virtual switching technology, as well as higher-level networking services (DNS, Load Balancers, Security Groups).

Separations of compute and storage

CloudHost VDC storage options include the ability to create local and remote copies of all your data with the click of a mouse.


Based on open standards this ensures that as technology changes, CloudHost is able to lead, react and respond with a best in class service.


CloudHost has the footprint across Middle East and India, with management and Support NOC of its own facilities in UAE and India, ensuring location and access control is sensitive to your demands.


CloudScales covers all aspects right from Physical, Technical and administrative levels of cloud security in the portfolio to give you peace of mind for your applications and data.