CloudHost’s Blaze Cloud offers private cloud servers to empower you to make your operations more resilient and meet the evolving demands of your business.

Enterprise Class Private Cloud - Powered by VMWare

Blaze cloud gives your business the agility, flexibility, scalability, and security to meet evolving customer demands, reduce your infrastructural management and maintenance costs, enhance collaboration among teammates, and ensures high availability and reliability of operations.

Powered by enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, Blaze cloud enables you to customize your cloud infrastructure to build and run multiple virtual data centers simultaneously. With features such as flexible network architecture, industry-leading reliability, and simplified resource provisioning, Blaze Cloud offers a multi-purpose cloud infrastructure with predictive costing, powerful computing, and secure storage. Combined with the CloudHost Assist managed services that come as a part of the Blaze Cloud, you receive expert service management guidance from experienced and leading industry professionals to strategically plan, monitor, evaluate, and evolve your virtual data centers.


Your Private Cloud. Your Terms, Your Timeline

Flexible Network Architecture

Create multiple private networks at no additional cost. Fast and reliable, a VPDC is redundant at all levels, from servers to connectivity. For private networks, the solution also allows for the creation of multifaceted internal application architectures.

Fast and Easy Provisioning

Eliminate time-consuming and complex operations with automated provisioning, scaling, and monitoring.

Industry-leading Reliability!

With 99.9% availability and a multi-
cloud, multi-region, and multi-data
center infrastructure, you can count on BlazeCloud for all of your global projects.

Enhanced Security & Access Policies

Keep more sensitive data in private cloud or on-premise and easily connect it to the public cloud. Admins can centrally manage users with fine-grained permissions.

Your Private Cloud. Your Terms, Your Timeline.
Powered by VMWare

High Quality Network

An ultra-low latency cloud with high throughput for high performance applications. Internet Exchange done with over 35 ISP’s to provide low latency across MENA region.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Affordable Content delivery Network (CDN) service that are of high reliability, performance & security.


Based on open standards this ensures that as technology changes, CloudHost is able to lead, react and respond with a best in class service. BlazeCloud has been build on enterprise grade infrastructure.

Auto Scaling

The system automatically increases or decreases instances based on defined scaling policies and actual utilization, ensuring performance while minimizing costs.

Data Sovereignty

One of the only providers to host your data outside of the country meaning you’re not subjected to the same intrusive regulations.

Award Winning

Recognised as the Best SMB Cloud Service Provider – MENA Region 2018.


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