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Unlock the Future of Work with AppLite

With an extensive pool of talent preferring remote work and the digital-first work environment offering significant infrastructure savings, remote and hybrid work models are gaining popularity across industries around the world. Remote work is becoming a key prerequisite to joining an organization for expert talent around the world with 35% of candidates preferring to change jobs if given the option to work remotely full-time.
Cloud offers a scalable, cost-effective, and powerful platform to leverage for enabling remote and hybrid work models and unleashing the numerous benefits it has to offer. AppLite’s desktop and application virtualization solutions equip you to simplify the management of complex remote workplace environments through a single pane.

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    Here’s how AppLite can help you unleash the cloud for remote work:

    Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

    Backed by automatically scalable cloud infrastructure and powerful virtualization, AppLite enables organizations to optimize cloud usage while empowering their remote employees with powerful virtual desktops to maximize productivity, enhance collaboration, and communicate effectively. With our expert solutions, we enable you to customize desktop resources to effectively suit diverse employee and organizational needs.

    No VPN Connect

    AppLite’s No VPN Connect feature empowers you to extend access to Windows and applications simply through browsers and allows your employees to work without the hassle of setting up VPNs. With remote application rendering, a secured delivery network, single-on-the-server patch management, and simple configuration and setup, AppLite enable organizations to simplify and enhance employee onboarding and workspace experiences.

    Truly BYOD-Enabled Virtualization

    With a secured delivery network, No VPN Connect, autoscaling infrastructure, and effective virtualization solutions, AppLite enables you to roll out a truly Bring Your Own Device-enabled (BYOD) and integrate talent into your ubiquitous digital workplace. By enabling cost-effective virtualization, AppLite helps you bring down infrastructure and operational costs.

    Zero Client Software

    AppLite enables you to unleash the complete flexibility and ubiquity of the cloud by allowing you to deploy in-house and legacy applications without the need for installing Windows programs on the client endpoint

    Seamlessly Integrated with Organization Community Policy

    To simplify rolling out policies and implement organization-wide IT protocols, AppLite seamlessly integrates directory and policy enforcement groups. The feature enables you to become remote-work-ready within minutes and unlock the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access offered by the cloud platform.

    End-to-end Security

    Offering comprehensive and end-to-end security solutions, AppLite provides the security your enterprise requires to enable secure remote operations while keeping your sensitive data and operations away from harm’s way

    Flexible Pricing

    Automatic scaling and descaling of resources combined with our managed cloud services ensure your cloud is optimized for performance and resource provisioning. The specialized services offered in synergy with the virtualization solutions enable you to maximize your savings and ROI on IT investments

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