Modernize Your Legacy Applications for the Cloud

Mission-critical legacy applications continue to be at the core of leading global organizations across the world. These legacy applications, typically, house sensitive data and complex business logic running on a complex on-premise IT infrastructure. This makes them complicated and high-risk contenders for migration to the cloud. With limited resources and integration with emerging and modern technologies, legacy applications can hinder the growth of your business and innovation.
AppLite virtualization helps you in risk-free, accelerated, and accurate modernization of mission-critical legacy applications to the cloud. The solution’s plug-and-play interface combined with specialized managed cloud, gives you the capability to take your legacy applications live on the cloud cost-effectively. By enabling the end-to-end virtualization of your legacy applications, AppLite helps you transform your business for the modern digital landscape and gain the agility to reduce time to market, save on costs, and drive innovation.

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    Modernize Legacy Applications Risk-Free with AppLite

    With its extensive features, AppLite has simplified numerous legacy application modernization journeys through virtualization. Backed by a team of IT solution architects, cloud experts, and security specialists, AppLite brings you the entire ecosystem of network, resources, security, and connectivity required to seamlessly host and enhance your mission-critical legacy applications on the cloud.

    Scalable Infrastructure

    AppLite is backed with an automatically scalable infrastructure. With auto-provisioning of resources, your legacy applications will always have the resources it requires to deliver high performance, enhanced user experiences, and improved business continuity and efficiency.

    Extensive Value-added Tools

    CloudHost has an extensive partner network that offers cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance legacy applications’ performance, end-user experience, security, and reliability. Providing comprehensive emerging technologies, the partner network empowers ISVs with all the tools to host, expand, and manage their legacy applications on the cloud. With these features, we give you a safe route to modernizing and innovating your mission-critical applications to streamline performance, shed technical debt, reduce time to market, and deliver frictionless end-user experiences across different digital channels.

    Managed Cloud Services

    Legacy applications are the cornerstone of ensuring business continuity and operations. To ensure seamless operability, these applications require the necessary resources, data storage, and processing capabilities. AppLite comes with the option of integrating managed cloud services with AppLite to give your legacy application the expert monitoring, maintenance, and management it requires.

    Enterprise-grade Security

    Powered by proprietary security solutions, AppLite comes backed with airtight enterprise-grade security tailored to help your legacy applications without worrying about evolving cyber threats. With the comprehensive network, endpoint, RDP port vulnerability protection, end-to-end encryption, and infrastructure security, you get strict security that protects your legacy application value chain.

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