Scale Your SaaS Business through the Cost-Efficiency and Scalability of the Cloud

With a growing demand for digital transformation solutions, the demand for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has increased exponentially. According to Statista, the SaaS market is expected to grow to US$195 billion by 2023. With the demand for SaaS solutions increasing exponentially, organizations need a scalable, flexible, and secure IT infrastructure to expand their operations and meet the evolving requirements of end users. However, growing electricity bills, increasing inflation, and enhanced full-time equivalent payment for resources are making managing in-house IT infrastructure cos- intensive, time-consuming, and difficult to manage.

AppLite brings SaaS providers the network, infrastructure, and value-added tools required to extend their products and services to consumers around the world without bearing the burden of investing extensively in IT. With the virtualized application delivery network, you get the resources required to host and deploy your SaaS offerings on the cloud and cost-effectively expand your business to the remotest parts of the world. Combined with its plug-and-play nature, the AppLite solutions help you take your SaaS offering to the cloud accurately and at an accelerated pace.

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    AppLite: Enabling the Business of the Future/Drive Accelerated SaaS Expansion with AppLite

    Tailored to help independent software vendors (ISVs) enhance the availability, reliability, security, and reach of their SaaS offerings through the cloud, AppLite helps you take your IT business to the next level with:

    SaaS Cloudification

    AppLite simplifies the cloudification of your SaaS offerings by streamlining application refactoring of the cloud and enabling the creation of comprehensive architectural blueprints to deploy, run, and maintain workloads on the cloud.

    CapEx to OpEx Conversion

    Universally, the cloud gives you the option to convert CapEx IT investments to OpEx IT operational costs. With AppLite, we bring you optimized virtualization of your SaaS offerings to the cloud to empower you to maximize your ROI in IT investments. Through cost-effective virtualization, AppLite enables you to expand your operations cost-effectively while simplifying IT management and maintenance.

    Single-Window SaaS Customer Management

    AppLite enables ISVs to extend their SaaS offerings to their customer without the need for their application installation or system configuration of the end-user device. Additionally, the solution’s single-window customer management empowers you to roll out personalized solutions for your SaaS customers with easily customizable cloud and resource configuration.

    Reduced Time to Market

    AppLite’s virtualization feature can be easily bundled with ISVs SaaS offering as a value-added or premium feature and help them raise their bottom line. On the other hand, the virtualized application delivery network also gives you the end-to-end IT infrastructure to make your SaaS offering available to customers around the world at a fraction of the cost and time with the cloud.

    Flexible Billing

    AppLite combines automated resource provisioning, virtualization, and managed cloud services to bring you cost-effective, reliable, and cutting-edge cloud infrastructure to scale your business operations. Offering flexible subscription plans, AppLite empowers small and medium-sized ISVs with cost-effective IT infrastructure and services to focus on the aggressive expansion of your value-driven innovation.

    Fully-Managed Cloud

    To simplify IT management and maintenance, AppLite offers fully managed cloud services for ISVs to leverage. With these services, ISVs get fully-managed cloud infrastructure to service an extensive customer base without the hassle of maintaining, optimizing, and managing the supporting IT infrastructure.

    Performance Optimization

    CloudHost offers AppLite with managed cloud operations. With these services, we enable ISVs to optimize the performance of their cloud to deliver the best possible end-user experiences. Our extensive expertise with cloud infrastructure, security, and performance empower us to help you design an optimized IT ecosystem that enables you to deliver high-performance services, applications, and user experiences across digital channels.

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