AppLite Secure

Built on the OpenStack framework, CloudHost’s DashCloud offers virtualized secure frameworks to empower small and medium-sized businesses to embark on the cloud transformation journey.

360 Degree approach to stable business applications

When the company moves to the cloud, you will have to grant the people access to the essential legacy Windows applications that they need to remain efficient –even though they haven't been web-enabled. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) products are redundant–not to mention way too expensive and complicated – when it comes to providing virtual access to Windows applications on any system.

AppLite Secure: the virtual application delivery network securely delivers any Windows application from the browser to any device. It is the only cloud-based native platform that operates in every customer environment –the Private Cloud, Public Cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid cloud.

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Advantage of RDP Port Shield

Dynamical Security

AppLite's RDP Port Shield is the first built-in security technology of its kind that automatically closes RDP ports around the world and then dynamically opens and closes them to authenticated users.

Extending Our Defense Pledge

RDP Port Shield expands AppLite's long-standing commitment to industry-leading security, including protecting consumers by providing HTTPS-based applications.

Industry –First Breakthrough

Shield is the first protection solution capable of opening and closing RDP ports on-the-fly at Windows Firewall level automatically and dynamically, rather than statically.

Business Apps Secured

Zero Client Software

You don't need to install the Windows program on the client endpoints.

Final Point Fencing

Lock access from specific endpoints


Enable IP-based restrictions, location-based, country-based

Integration of Community Policy

Integrates Successful Directory and all Policy Enforcement Groups

Security of Ransomware

Effective remote access detection and blocking mechanism.

Defender of the Brute Force

Automatically detects and blocks ip’s that attempt to assault brute force.

Encrypted Traffic Control

Stable Client interacts encrypted with the completed cloud. There is therefore no VPN needed.

Monitoring and Reporting

Get fitness, availability, performance and response reports on your website.

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