Risala is an enterprise email solution for the global market for users across the industry vertical including governments, telecoms, enterprises, and individuals backed by our world-class infrastructure. CloudHost Technology inherently understood the need for people to have email addresses in their native scripts making it easy for everyone in communicating in their local language. As the online population grows, there is an increasing need to make the Internet more accessible in local languages, and Email Address Internationalization (EAI) has an important role to play.

Risala is the MENA regions first Enterprise E-Mail Solution that supports (EAI & IDN) and offers you an email address in Native Arabic Language. It also offers Radio a feature that allows users to create their own Radio channel and broadcast text & Audio messages. Their listeners will tune their channel and will receive broadcasted messages and audio. With Risala, you can get an email ID like abc@emirates .ae or أبك@إمراتيس. عبد اللطيف not just that you can also create an email address that consists emoticons which is currently not available in any emailing solution like cloudhost@emirates.ae



Compose and Send mails in your Native Arabic language with options for user to receive in English or other known language.

Flexible Storage

Store your Emails on your desired storage and upgrade or downgrade as per your requirement.

Industry Protocols

Risala is implemented with industry standard protocols like POP3, IMAP pertaining to Email Exchange

Virtual Storage

To prevent unnecessary load on SMTP servers, Risala is integrated to virtual storage facility provisioning effective utilization of email spaces.

Unified collaboration

Manage calendars, meetings, send invites and even share folders with other users across domain.

Unified communication

Completely secured with built-in peer-to-peer Instant Messaging chat to connect with your buddies in social network.

Security & Encryption

Powerful anti-virus protection to safe-guard emails from Ransomware mails and spams from undesired domains.

Rights Management

Control, Restrict and easy to provide permissions to access emails even after sent from your mailbox.

Benefits of using Risala

Unique Email Addresses

Create unique Email Addresses using Arabic domains and Emoticons

Optimized Time Utilization  with minimal efforts

Compose multiple emails and view them simultaneously utilizing your work time.

Rights and Permission Management System

Control Rights/Permission of your Sent mail in Recipient’s Inbox.


What Customers Are Saying about Risala

"We use more than 100 Wowza servers on our own CDN across Latin America to deliver live events like music shows and sports to multiple screens. We're very happy with Wowza Streaming Engine performance and stability."
Luiz Antonio Cassetari Vieira Fitho, Senior support analyst, Terra
"Wowza provided us with the most advanced tools for streaming, a flexible and extensible architecture, excellent technical support, and impressive relibility."
Branden Spikes, CIO, SpaceX


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