DataLife is a cost efficient and secure
way to minimize data loss and downtime.


DataLife is Industry-Leading Backup and Disaster Recovery Services under reduced costs. World-class data protection designed to fit any business environment—from a single workstation to an entire enterprise Infrastructure.

With DataLife, you get completely automated data backup on the cloud without disrupting the current work process. Designed for efficient performance and compatibility, DataLife enables you to securely protect more data while using less network and storage resources, without having to deploy multiple point solutions. As an integrated solution DataLife performs fast, efficient and secure backups of physical servers, virtual servers and enterprise servers, database and applications. With DataLife end to end data protection make backup and recovery reliable, secure and efficient.

DataLife helps businesses to securely protect, migrate and recover critical data wherever it resides in your physical, virtual or cloud environments.


Completely Secured

Simple and Secure Access to Enterprise Data from any Device

Custom Setting

Secure Sharing with Multiple Custom Settings

Storage Access

The Simplest Way to Bring Cloud Access to Existing File Storage

Total Control

Total Control, Privacy and Security


Mobile Device Management to Manage BYOD workforce

Admin Management

Powerful Administrator Controls and Tools

Data Retention

Protect from Data Loss

Backup Audit

Detailed Audit Capabilities to Meet Regulations

DRaaS market gets a lot of buzz, but end users tell us it’s hard to do


The best technology deployed by the best local partner – CloudHost Technology INTL.


With an unprecedented 30 minute response time by our vendor-certified enterprise-class engineers, you can rest easy.


Our customers trust our qualified and experienced consultants to deploy the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for any requirement.


What Customers Are Saying about DataLife

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