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The data volumes are exploding; more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to store, archive, and retrieve the data. Thanks to the evolution of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms that offer a highly cost effective, scalable, and agile alternative to invest in physical storage infrastructure. IaaS adoption has gained significant momentum in the past few years. According to the market estimates, by 2020, at least one third of all the data will pass through the cloud.

An increased number of organizations in the region are moving to IaaS platforms for storage and compute purposes. One of the common challenges that most of the organizations face is the level of customization made available by the IaaS providers beyond the basic components (i.e. CPU, bandwidth etc.), which often results in post migration challenges.

CloudScales is an Infrastructure as a Service platform with all the traditional features and benefits of the traditional IaaS...and much more. However, its key differentiator lies in the ability to create a private cloud within a public cloud environment for customers; and most importantly in a self-service way. Enterprise and SMB users get complete flexibility to customize the key components like virtual servers, SD WAN Integrations, load balancers, and virtual appliances as per their needs. CloudScales enablescaling up resources on demand to accommodate spikes for your application, thereby achieving optimal cost benefit.


Complete Control

Total control over your data locality, fully automated self-service portal with high scalability.

Powerful Performance

High performing persistent compute power with a commitment latency levels as low as 30 milliseconds across the GCC.

OS/App Support

Robust support to any OS and/or Application such as Linux, Windows, Oracle, SAP HANA, Citrix, as well as legacy applications

Security & Monitoring

Completely secured infrastructure with SD WAN integration, firewall policies and multi-factor authentication.

Immaculate uptime

Immaculate uptime for your business critical application backed by SLA.

Auto Scalability

Scale your infrastructure as and when required to meet your dynamic workloads

24/7 Support

Dedicated support for ease of use and smooth functioning of business critical applications.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing models, such as bundled offers, and Pay as You Go ensure that customers pay only for what they use, and not for what is unutilized.


VM Templates

Hundreds of pre-configured and custom based VM templates are available to choose from. Ready to install VM templates help in creating cloud server with utmost convenience and saves your precious time and cost of installation.


Backed with multi-redundant data centers and world-class technology, we ensure 100% network uptime for your websites and guaranteed CPU performance.

Managed IT

Our dedicated experts fully manage your IT infrastructure, which allow your IT teams to focus on other important projects.


What Customers Are Saying about CloudScales

"We use more than 100 Wowza servers on our own CDN across Latin America to deliver live events like music shows and sports to multiple screens. We're very happy with Wowza Streaming Engine performance and stability."
Luiz Antonio Cassetari Vieira Fitho, Senior support analyst, Terra
"Wowza provided us with the most advanced tools for streaming, a flexible and extensible architecture, excellent technical support, and impressive relibility."
Branden Spikes, CIO, SpaceX


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