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for real-time or performance-critical systems

CH CloudMix

CloudMix helps businesses to store data in both public and private cloud environments, with both communicating over encrypted connections independently of each other. This is a key differentiating point, as organisations can now store their most important or sensitive data on the private cloud while storing other resources on public networks. Businesses must map out the implications of this shift, the types of workloads they want to use it for, and the business outcomes they are looking to achieve before they embark on the hybrid journey.

Most enterprises plan to adopt a hybrid cloud model, and may consider a hybrid cloud provider to combine public and private cloud resources or multiple private clouds. CloudHost helps you realize a true solution faster, with lower cost and risk.


Scalable and Reliable

Scale up and down to meet the needs of your business requirement and Pay only for the resources you use.

Completely Secured

Our System administrators are able to set policies to specify which users are allowed to access cloud resources.

Complete Control

CloudMixallows you to take complete control over the data stored as well as incoming and outgoing traffic.

Deploying consistently

Regardless of private or public cloud, applications are deployed using common patterns such as provisioning compute capacity, storage volumes, network connectivity and IP address.

Why Hybrid Cloud

Run workloads where they perform best.

Maintain security and high performance for buisness critical apps and data.

Reduce IT costs and improve network efficiency.

Multi-cloud scalability to AWS, Microsoft Azure or OpenStack.


What Customers Are Saying about CloudMix

"We use more than 100 Wowza servers on our own CDN across Latin America to deliver live events like music shows and sports to multiple screens. We're very happy with Wowza Streaming Engine performance and stability."
Luiz Antonio Cassetari Vieira Fitho, Senior support analyst, Terra
"Wowza provided us with the most advanced tools for streaming, a flexible and extensible architecture, excellent technical support, and impressive relibility."
Branden Spikes, CIO, SpaceX


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