About CloudHost

CloudHost was established in 2015, and is UAE’s first cloud with a User Based Approach. The company is part of the RVS Group, a conglomerate with multiple businesses in Dubai for more than 20 years. Locally hosted in UAE, we have a certified 24/7/365 NOC team with scalable infrastructure hosted in a state-of-the-art data centre in the UAE. Our various offerings on a per user-based subscription model across the entire technology stack including infrastructure, collaboration, backup and DR, managed services and business applications allows the clients to keep the cloud deployment cost under control. We have a clear vision of providing Enterprise technology as a utility.

CloudHost provides cloud-enabled App Publishing & Hosting and management of Cloud Services for mid- to large-sized organizations. Leveraging a proven set of technologies and extensive subject matter expertise, cost-effective, flexible solutions that provide responsive service and predictable levels of cost for our clients' businesses.

The Key benefits of choosing CloudHost Platform are:

  • Access business applications from a browser, even Legacy
  • Enables Single Sign-on, & BYoD for the organization
  • Provides better security from Security Hacks like Ransomware, etc

CloudHost specializes in provisioning and building customized solutions tailored to individual customer’s unique requirements. We use best-of-breed monitoring, management, support tools, and systems designed for Enterprise Managed Hosting solutions.

CloudHost is a trusted advisor committed to ensuring the long-term success of our customers’ business applications and technology strategies. We have our infrastructure deployed in Dubai UAE. CloudHost's delivery strategy focuses on technologies, people, processes, and best practices that are in line with our customers’ desired need for Service Excellence for their customers.